eService is a unique online learning solution from STAM Interactive Solutions. eService is a term coined by STAM and it refers to the creation of an online training course for all aspects of service- repairing, troubleshooting and product support. It could be pre-sale product checks, system level or component level troubleshooting or replacement of defective parts. A step-by-step virtual ‘hands on’ simulation of these service processes can be created and made available online so that all the stakeholders worldwide can learn these procedures in a cost effective manner

Applications of eService

eService caters to a variety of needs for diverse vertical industries. A partial list of the same is given below.

 Pre-Sale Product Check
Sales processes are successful when the product delivered to the customer is foolproof and is fully functional. This is possible with an effective pre-sale product check. The most commonly encountered challenge is the lack of knowledge about the pre-sale verification process. eService solution from STAM Interactive enables your internal staff to perform a product check before its being sold. It is a virtual simulation of the stepwise pre-sale checking process which serves as a tutorial or reference guide to your internal staff.

Troubleshooting products / applications are one of the most important activities of an after-sales support process. In most of the situations, customers often complain of issues such as incomplete troubleshooting, erroneous resolution, long turnaround times, etc. A perfect solution to address these issues is to create a virtual simulation of the troubleshooting process and make it available online. This not only serves as an online training tool, but also as a ready reference for the after sales support staff.

 System Level repairing
eService is an ideal solution for a system level repairing process. Imagine a situation where the technicians are expected to break down complex systems. Our eService or online simulation provides the users a step-by-step understanding of the system level repair process.

Component Level Repairing
There are situations where technicians are expected to replace defective components within an equipment. It is difficult for the technicians to refer to product manuals and understand the configuration of the equipment. They also stand the risk of tampering with the product. The easier way of providing insight on a component level repair process is to create a virtual simulation of the repair process and make it available online. We call this virtual simulation eService.

 Product and Firmware Upgrade
Organizations upgrade products to newer versions to keep abreast of competition. Training the stakeholders on the upgrade process can prove to be a costly and cumbersome process. A perfect solution for this is to create a virtual simulation of the upgrade process. This solution is also applicable in cases where a set of users are expected to migrate from a legacy application to a new application.

Service Bulletins
The Service Headquarters of a corporate organization issues service or technical bulletins to update their service departments on new or upgraded procedures. Instead of sending a PDF document, it could be much more effective to create a virtual simulation of this process and make it available online, so that the stakeholders can get a ‘hands-on’ experience of the process.