eDemo is a term coined by STAM and it refers to the creation of an online flash demo for a hardware or a software product, or a process and making it available to the stakeholders. This type of eDemo has many applications for an organization including product presentations, website demos and sales demos. STAM has created eDemos for a wide variety of products and processes.


 Website demos
It can be quite tedious for a visitor to read all the information like specifications, features and functionality of a product on your website. A perfect solution in this case would be to create a flash demo with all the key information about the product, which will capture the visitors’ attention more effectively.

Corporate Presentations
eDemo is an ideal solution to make your corporate presentations. Instead of a PDF document / PowerPnt file, eDemo can give your customers a more interesting and vivid picture of your organization.

 Trade Show Presentations
The web site demo and corporate presentations can also be used in trade shows, exhibitions or conferences.

Sales Demo tool
eDemo can also be used by your sales person when they make a sales call to a potential customer. A well presented flash eDemo can help the sales person make a professional presentation about the company and its products and services.