eApplication is a unique and innovative solution to address the training needs of IT and ITES segments. eApplication is an online virtual simulation of the actual software being deployed in an organization. It enables stakeholders to understand how to use the different functionalities of the software 24/7 from anywhere in the world. STAM has the experience of developing the best of breed eApplication solutions for global clients. Our solutions have helped clients realize the best benefits of the software and ?? successful deployment in the client’s technological landscape.

Applications of eApplication

 Induction Training
When a new hire is recruited, organizations incur huge costs in terms of providing induction training on the software applications being used company-wide or specific to the job function. A perfect solution is to create an eApplication where the employee will have an opportunity to interact and learn the application all by himself/herself at his/her own pace.

End User Training
IT Solutions providers develop a variety of applications on multiple platforms for worldwide clients. End user training is one of the most important functions of the application development program. The traditional way of doing this is to either provide a PowerPoint presentation with screen grabs of the application or to offer remote classroom training. Both these methods have their own limitations. By offering an eApplication solution to your clients, you are providing them the flexibility to train their internal stakeholders on the usage of the application. This in turn means that you are offering a unique value-added service to your client.

 Internal training
Assume that your organization has rolled out a new ERP application for payroll. It is very important for your employees to learn the usage of the application to realize the best benefits of the same. eApplication is a solution that will address this need effectively. By undergoing this quick eApplication tutorial, your employees will have an opportunity to learn the application easily.