eProcess is a new offering coined by STAM Interactive Solutions. eProcess is a step-by-step virtual online simulation of a process or procedure being used within an organization.

Some Examples of eProcess

 Manufacturing Processes
Any manufacturing process has many different steps and processes. The traditional method is to teach this in a classroom environment. A more cost effective method is to create a virtual simulation of the steps involved and put it online. This way new hires could quickly learn the process or existing employees could use eProcess as a quick reference. This type of eProcess could also be used in a blended learning environment.

Company Procedures
Most company procedures are well documented, but they are usually not easily accessible, especially when the need is the most. It could be as simple as how to fill up a purchase order or how to order goods with an external vendor or how to fill up a travel statement. For any procedure that can be broken down into smaller steps, a virtual simulation can be created Creating an eProcess for the company procedures has many benefits.

 Usage of IT applications
End users encounter several challenges when working on IT applications. Let us assume a situation where a doctor is filling up the case history of a patient. After keying in the relevant data, the doctor is presented with a challenge “What Next”. To eliminate this “What Next” challenge, eProcess will help the doctor on commonly used processes such as saving the case history, printing out the case history, editing certain fields within the application, etc.

Upgrade of a Process
If the current process or procedure has been upgraded, say from a manual system to an automated system, the stakeholders have to be trained on how to use the automated system. The most effective solution is to create an eProcess application and put it online so that all the stakeholders worldwide can interact and learn the new upgraded process.