eProduct is a term coined by STAM Interactive Solutions to address to the needs of manufacturers and marketers of hardware and software products . eProduct is a virtual simulation of any hardware and software product that is available online 24x7. Your internal staff, business partners and end users will be able to interact with this eProduct and learn to install, configure, operate and troubleshoot the product.

Applications of eProduct

eProduct caters to a variety of needs for diverse vertical industries. A partial list of the same is given below

 Product Training
We can convert any user manuals into an engaging and interactive simulation. Once the eProduct is created the learners will have an opportunity to learn any aspect of the product such as installation, configuration, operation and troubleshooting.

Technical Support Tool
eProduct can be used a Technical Support Tool. This virtual simulation provides a step by step guidance on the support process to be followed. eProduct is a very useful tool for Technical support staff. It can serve them both as a tutorial and as a ready reference guide.

 Sales Tool
eProduct is a very useful tool for sales consultants. When making presentations / demos to the customer, the sales consultant can use this virtual product to explain the features and functionalities of the product without the need of an actual product.

User Training
End user training is one of the most important applications of eProduct. It can serve the purpose of a user manual where in the user needs to undergo the short tutorial / demo to understand the features and operation of the product. He can interact with the eProduct and empower themselves on the usage of the actual product.

 Quick Reference
eProduct can be used as a Quick reference tool. The virtual product can be created in such a way that the learner will have the option of looking at a specific topic or module instead of going through the whole tutorial. Technically we call this an open navigation where the user has the option of referring to a particular section of the courseware.