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Welcome to STAM University, a world class repository of technology courses. We design and develop online training courses on a variety of technologies catering to the needs of the different industry verticals in the corporate market place.

STAM University offers a multitude of courses on generic technologies. We make onward research to identify the needs of the corporate market place and develop courses to address those needs. Our courses are customizable to the specific needs of clients.

STAM’s courses have been able to cater to the needs of several customers worldwide. Over 15000 students have completed these courses and many global organizations are making these courses a prerequisite for their employees, channels partners and end-users.

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  • CCTV + Digital Video
  • Fiber Optic Technology
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  • Biometric Technology
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  • Basic Electricity
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  • Wireless Technology
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  • Access Control Systems
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  • IP Networking