STAM Interactive Solutions (formerly STAM Multimedia Inc)

Jayant Kapatker

Jayant Kapatker
CEO and President

Jayant Kapatker is the CEO and President of STAM Interactive Solutions. He has a rich experience of about 35 years with various companies.

Jayant is the CEO of STAM Interactive Solutions., a company specializing in providing self paced interactive eLearning solutions. Jayant started the company in 1996 as a one man army and moved on to create a global learning village. It is Jayant’s vision and grounding principles which have been the guiding forces for STAM’s success since inception. Jayant’s customer centric approach and ability to think beyond mere money-making have transformed STAM Interactive into a world class learning solutions provider. Jayant comes with a very rich experience of over 35 years in industry. He was associated with some of the global organizations where he played multiple roles in the areas of Product Management, Sales and Marketing, Client relationship management. He is widely regarded as a turn around architect in the Security training segment and has been a subject of discussion in several published articles. Jayant holds a bachelors degree in engineering from IIT and a Masters degree in Business Administration.