Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality (AR)

We provide a comprehensive AR solution which, upon scanning the diagrams or figures of your printed Text Books will augment our 3D models and activities. This AR solution helps Book Publishers add fun and interactivity to their printed books. This AR solution can really be an innovative solution.

Make your textbooks AR enabled and map our assets to the images in the text book with onpage activities, concept videos, simulations, key words and mind maps.  We also have a repository of more than 10,000 high-resolution, cross-utility images (Printing or Digital use), Cross-format ( TIFF/ JPEG/ PNG) which can further be scaled up to any level. These images can also be added to the textbooks.

Functioning of Heart

Internal Combustion Engine

How does it work?

Make the images in the text book AR ready or add AR ready images to the text book. Once the text book is AR ready with the either of the options, the creativity and magic of AR can be utilized. Open the app in your smartphone/tablet and scan the image from the text book using the camera. The image pops up in the smartphone/tablet.

The student can play around with this image, by rotating it, zooming it and interacting with the image to understand all the key features and functions. The learning process is thus greatly enhanced.  
With Augmented Reality a traditional text book enters the digital world.