3D Stereoscopy:

Eureka.in is making students across the world learn understand and most importantly, enjoy complex topics of the K12 curriculum in high definition 3D stereoscopy. Learning  becomes  exciting and fun.  It’s an award-winning product imparting K12 education using 3D stereovision. The impact of 3D stereo on a child's memory needs no elucidation. There is also the Wow! factor for introducing unique methodologies in education. 

Eureka.in 3D Stereo comes with a library of about 2300+ topics for high, middle and elementary schools. Each topic is a combination of 3D animated videos and interactive simulations. These high-resolution stereoscopic animations create an immersive effect and keep students engaged and focused from the word go. 

While watching the simulations students explore complex structures in 3D which adds an element of excitement to learning. They can rotate the models 360 degrees as well as zoom in and zoom out at will. Thus, the learning is acquired through doing something - interactively. In addition, there area a series of lab experiments which can be performed in the ambiance of a virtual lab.

Few of the vital topics covered using 3D Animations are illustrated below

Sample Demos:

To see content in 3D stereo, you would need to download the demos shown. Please make sure you have the right 3D equipment including 3D glasses to view the demo.


How does it work?

To play the 3D Stereo content, you need the following:

  • 3D Projector
  • 3D compatible computer
  • 3D glasses

  • The 3D Stereo content is installed in a single 3D computer. To make it portable between classes, we  also provide the above-mentioned equipment pre-installed on a moveable 3D rack. The rack can then be moved between classrooms as required - a cost-effective solution to maximize the usage of the content in the classrooms.

    Topic Listing:

    We have 2364 3D Stereo topics for Science and Math animations available for high, middle and elementary schools. Below is an overview of the topics. Please contact STAM and we can send you a detailed listing of all the topics covered.


     3D Stereo




     High School




     Middle School




     Elementary School








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