Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) – A New Offering


In keeping with the latest technology trends, now has a library of over 1350 topics in Virtual Reality (VR). Wear the VR headset and immerse yourself completely in the learning experience.  A new and innovative way to keep t students engaged. 

Each topic is a combination of 3DS animated videos, interactive simulations, quizzes and fun facts. These high-resolution stereoscopic animations create an immersive effect and keep students engaged and focused from the word go. 

While playing simulations students explore complex structures in virtual reality which adds an element of excitement to the learning experience. They can rotate the models 360 degrees as well as zoom in and zoom out at will. Thus, the student learns by doing. In addition, we have a series of lab experiments which can be performed in the ambiance of a virtual lab.

How does it work?

Simple. You need a compatible Virtual Reality (VR) head gear. Download or stream the VR library into the head gear and then launch any animation at your convenience. The VR content can be purchased in the following two ways:

Single User License: Purchase a single user license and download or stream the content in a single head set. This is perfect for any individual who wants to have this awesome library for their own personal use.

Multi User License:
Purchase a multi user license and then download or stream the library in multiple VR headsets. This is perfect for schools who want to make this trending technology available to their students.

Want to see a demo?

If your school is in the North East area, driving distance from New Jersey, we can come over to your school and demo the VR content to you. If this is not possible and if you have access to a VR head set, we can send you a link to download a sample, so that you can watch the Virtual Reality animation at your end.

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