CCTV Articles  


 Camera Specifications  

This article explains the important specification camera specifications like resolution and camera sensitivity. It also shows how to ensure the camera will work in situation where the light levels is not adequate.


  Fiber Optics  

This article explains the principle and functioning of fiber optics. It also explains the advantages and disadvantages of using this transmission method.



This article explains the construction of a lens and the factors which determine its quality. It also recommends steps to ensure the correct lens is chosen for the application.


  System Integrations  

System Integration is world wide trend. This article traces the history of system integration and explains the current integration techniques


  Control Room  

This article discusses the issues regarding designing a proper control room.


  System Handover  

Not discussed often causing confusion at the time of system handover. This articles recommends a handover procedure which can reduce this friction and confusion.


  CCTV Design Debates  

This articles discusses some issues and trends which must be considered while designing a CCTV system


  Video Signal  

This technical article explains the different components which make up an analog video signal.