Testimonials – STAM Online Training Courses

" I began my role over a year ago and one of our biggest challenges with my technical support staff was that we were very disorganized and not up to speed. From not having a good training program for new hires, to not having continuing education for techs that have been on board for some time, to lack of relative experience in our industry. Working with the team at STAM has been pivotal in improving some of these pain points we faced. We have every single one of our technical support staff members goes through an extensive training regimen before they start to interact with customers (and also as a refresh) as we go further in terms of training than the most stringent of state requirements to hold your security license. In that, the security class STAM hosts for us is a foundational piece to our overall program as it provides most of the basics of security technology that we use every day. We always ask for feedback from each agent afterwards and all say its relevant, timely, and applicable material. After these classes and the completion of the overall program we have seen a huge improvement in the morale and performance of our support team which produces positive experiences with our customers. Our agents are overwhelmingly receiving praise for their abilities now.
Clyde Wilson,
Director of Support and Professional Services, Observint Technologies

" I just want to follow on my experience with STAM Online courses. It has helped tremendously. When I first started, I knew nothing about security system, network and how it all is related. The courses that I took not only gave the knowledge to understand the engineering behind the system but it also gave me some great insight as far as installation and best practice. The classes I took certainly have served me well.
Ralph Brunet,
Project Manager, POM Technologies

" I would like to thank STAM Interactive for the provision of quality online courses. I was able to fit the training into my busy schedule and study at a time that suited me. The course allows the student to go over the theory of subjects with ease and in a way that it is easily explained prior to taking the examination.
I intend booking more courses as well as enrolling my work force.
Terry Mahon,
North West Locks, North Ireland

" He took our CCTV + Digital Video course because he needed the CEU credits. Bill says the information he received helped him to understand the specs needed to make the best recommendations to clients so that his firm can design the best systems for their needs. He said he especially appreciated the new information that he got regarding digital video. Mr. Wayman admitted that he was "apprehensive about taking an on line course at first" but when he took our course he was "amazed at not only how useful the information was but how simple it was to navigate "and he appreciated that it was "easy to pick up where you left off even if you had not been back to the course for a week". He also stated he had "plenty of time to complete it. "

Bill Wayman,
Senior Consultant, Hughes Associates,Inc.

" He recently took our CCTV + Digital Video and our Fiber Optics Courses to satisfy his CEU requirements.
As a technician, Larry is on the road full time and said that he enjoyed the convenience of not having to drive to a class. Mr. Meguess appreciated being able to take these courses when he found the time instead of interfering with his schedule. He had not had any exposure or background in CCTV or fiber optics, and said that he believed these courses would prepare him sufficiently, in the event he would ever have to work on these types of systems.

Larry Meguess,
Alarm Technician Protect America Inc.

" He recently took our course on CCTV + Digital Video. He explained that his "17 floor building was getting upgraded to a digital-hybrid CCTV system" and it was his job to oversee the purchase and installation of this "major build out". He said that this course not only helped him understand the workings of a CCTV system or upgrade, but it helped him to "know what options were available and what features would be right" for what they needed. One example of this was the cameras that were installed to start recording when doors opened. He explained that, thanks to our course he knew exactly what specs were necessary to get the desired camera result and visual range needed. Over this entire course helped him to make an informative choice in order to pick the best system for their needs.
Physical Security Specialist,
at a Federal Agency

" As a recent graduate with an electrical engineering degree, I was completely new to CCTV when I took the STAM course CCTV + Digital Video.
Mr. Sabbah explained that the benefit of this course was that " it really got into the nitty gritty and helped me to understand how to connect the system, issues and causes so that I can set up the right system for a client, as well as tell customers what is wrong with their system, and know how to fix it.
Noor Sabbah,
Sales Engineer, Johnson Control

" I own a Data Communications Company in the Southern California area. My industry is mainly CCTV and Networking. In a search to continue my education in my industry, I discovered STAM Interactive. The online courses have helped me advance my knowledge at the convenience of being at home or on the go. The course notes that are provided for you after you finish the course are great for referencing. In addition, the staff at STAM is great with customer service. I would highly recommend STAM Interactive to any of my colleagues and fellow journeyman.

Timothy Brown,
Owner, Lyntek Data Communications Services

" The STAM online course was a great introductory course into the different types of CCTV systems that are available. It went into the setup and maintenance of a security system. I am recommending it to other employees at our facility.
Mark Sirk,
CEO, DK Security

" I found the IP Networking and CCTV/Digital Video On-line courses offered by STAM Interactive to be interactive and informative. I would recommend these courses for those selling and installing CCTV products, security professionals and end users seeking to obtain a better understanding of a most beneficial security strategy.
Jim McGuffey,
CPP, PSP, PCI, A.C.E. Security Consultants LLC. Hilton Head, South Carolina