Basic Electricity - Online Training Course


Course Objectives

  1. You will learn about the basic concepts, materials, terms like voltage and current, laws which include Ohm’s and Kirchoff’s laws and various circuitry and symbols related to electricity.

  2. You will gain knowledge about passive and active devices like resistors, inductors, capacitors, semiconductor, diodes and transistors.

  3. You will understand magnetism, electromagnetism and their applications in batteries and generators

  4. You will understand the different energy sources and the concepts behind safety and protection

Course Methodology

Unbiased, self paced online training courses with interactive audiovisual content including animations and product simulations.

Basic to intermediate level End users, Installers/Dealers, Suppliers and Specifiers. Technical and Non-Technical people Existing, New staff and Electricians


Testing Program

TESTING: The Online Training Course has the following testing modules.
25 questions
25 random questions from a question databank


A certificate of completion will be issued to students who get more than 65% in the Post-test. This certificate is recognized by the following associations:

Course Approved by

   NBFAA : CEU Number: SM-0005, CEU Credits: 0.6
ALOA: PRP Recertification – 1 points
NSCA: 4.5 Learning Units
New Jersey State CEU: 6 hours TECES-13(65)C006
BISCI: Event ID OV‐STAM‐NJ‐0512‐2, CEC: 5
Approved by Texas Department of Public Safety – Y00182
Approved by Tennessee Alarm Systems Contractor Board


PRICE: $165 for a single user license for 30 days.

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CONTENT: 6 hours of online training, downloadable course notes, online testing and certification plus CEU Credits.

Course Outline

  • Principles of Electricity
  • Types of Material and their conductivity
  • Terms like Voltage, Current and Resistance,
  • Ohm’s law and Kirchoff’s law
  • Various circuits and different symbols used

  • Construction, Types and Features of Passive Device
  • Resistors
  • Inductors
  • Capacitors,
  • Construction, Types and Features of Active Devices
  • Semiconductors
  • Diodes
  • Transistors
  • Different Measuring instruments


  • Principle of Magnetism
  • Electromagnetism
  • Solenoid construction and applications
  • Principles and types of Transformers
  • Types of Motors like AC, FHP and universal


  • AC and DC generators
  • Types of batteries like primary and secondary
  • Dry Cell and Wet Cell

Energy Sources

  • Renewable sources
  • Non-Renewable

Safety Measures

  • safety and protection Issues

Lacey from NIPPEN
Electrical Systems
The Basic Electricity’ course was very helpful. I took your courses know about Electromagnetism and to understand the devices from the basic. I have passed tests on the first attempt. The course was right on the mark regarding material, topics, and gave me the knowledge to help prepare me for the test.

Justin Regard from
Solutions Electrical Inc.
Thank you for your help. It was worth it. My company sends their appreciation also

Aaron from FCCI There are so may things you can study but taking the course made me focus on things that I might be test on.

Amery from Sumithama Inc. I was expecting the course to be good , but I have never expected that it would be that good , I think that it is recommended for every knowledge seeker, I hope you enjoy it as I did.  

Carrick from Lavato Secure I am glad I took the course. There is too much information to study on your own and your course narrowed the material enough to feel somewhat confident in our field.

Q. Does one have to complete the Online Training course in one sitting?
A: No. The total work you need to put in is 4 hours and this can be completed in 30 days in batches that suit your needs. You get a license for 30 days.

Q. Do I have unlimited access to the Online Training course for the duration of the license period?
A: Yes. During this time you can log in and log out as many times you wish.

Q. Can I buy one license and share it with my colleagues?
A: No, sharing of the user license with anyone else is prohibited. Each user must have a separate license.

Q. Do I need to buy software to run your online training course in my computer?
A: No, you just need to have a minimum speed of 56 Kbps Internet connection

Q. What are the system requirements to run your course?
A: Minimum screen resolution 1024 ,PC with speakers or headphone and minimum 56 Kbps Internet connection

Q. Can I do the course from my office and home computer?
A: Yes, in fact you can use it from any computer; just use your ID + Password to log in.

Q. Do I get a certificate?
A: Yes, you get the certificate of completion if you meet the requirements mentioned in this page.

Q. Does this course come with course notes?
A: Yes. After you complete the purchase, you will be provided with a link to download the course notes that you can keep as reference.